For us, each client is unique and special. All projects go through our methodology – including trends researches, briefing analysis and design creation – to reach the intended result and a unique design.
Check out some of the work we do:


The weaving company serves the country’s leading fashion brands and develop exclusive prints with our team. The studio also helps businesswoman Costanza Pascolato on special projects for brands in several industries.


One of the most significant brands of Brazilian beachwear segment, the Blue Man believed in our potential to create outstanding prints for some of their collections! In Summer 2013, the fashion show of the brand was one of the most talked about of the season and the Graphique’s patterns contributed to this success.


Graphique client since 2008, the brand develops with us patterns with an elaborate aesthetic full of visual information. In Summer 2011 campaign we printed the top model Gisele Bundchen.


Graphique also created important collections of patterns for C&A, including the exclusive line C&A by Mixed and Gisele Bundchen collection “Poderosas do Brasil.”

Helô Rocha

With unusual briefings, the designer Helô Rocha always challenges us at the creation. The unique result is due to the intense process of creation between the designer and our team! We love Helô Rocha!


Graphique’s partner, the weaving company serves top names in fashion and has in its portfolio several projects with us. We are always present in events held by the company, through its showcase of patterns.


One of the first Rio brands to believe in Graphique’s work. We developed several patterns that reflect the essence of the brand, with manuals, beautiful and elaborate designs.


With youth and boldness in its DNA, the brand has developed with us amazing and different patterns through the super special partnership with our team. Coke Clothing rocks!

Mar Rio

A few years ago the Mar Rio brand has the Graphique as a loyal partner! The brand stands out in the beach fashion market mainly by the patterns diversity and every collection the Graphique contributes to this success.


The Stamp World is a textile printing company who believes in Graphique studio differential and from the early works became a super client that supports by the Cianorte/PR region.